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When you upload your private documents into our secure portal we want you to know one thing;

We use Tresorit  

It’s safer than safe!

Here is the 8 step ultimate online security guide;

  1. Client-side encryption

    Encryption and decryption are done on the client-side. No one is able to access stored data, except for the owner and users authorized by the owner. No trust in the cloud storage provider is required.

  2. Cryptographic key sharing

    A tresor is an encrypted, sharable folder that is stored both on your device and on the Tresorit servers. When you share a tresor with another Tresorit user, Tresorit automatically shares encryption keys for all the files inside that tresor with the recipient.

  3. Client-side integrity protection

    Ensuring the integrity of files is crucial, especially in a business: imagine a large contract, created by your team collaborating via Tresorit. That contract includes several terms where wording is crucial. You may review each part when it is agreed on and included in the contract, but you may not review the whole document meticulously again before signing it.

  4. Zero-knowledge authentication

    Tresorit does not store your password, only a salted hash format, which we can authenticate you with. As Tresorit never has access to your password in unencrypted form, even if our servers were hacked, your account would be safe from harm.

  5. PKI for al your devices

    Device management is becoming even more crucial as we store more and more data on our mobile devices, outside the protected perimeter of the office network. It is important to be able to revoke access to sensitive files from a device if it is lost or stolen. The termination of an employee or business associate contract presents similar challenges.

  6. Encrypted link

    Sometimes you need to share just one file with someone who may not be a Tresorit user. In non-encrypted cloud storage services, you can use a so-called public link to do so. This is achieved by the service provider’s servers sending unencrypted content to the browser where the link was opened. This is not a zero-knowledge solution, and puts data at risk if the cloud provider is ever compromised.

  7. Hardened TLS

    When you open a TLS protected website, the green https:// scheme name tells you that the identity of the server was authenticated by your browser, and that communication is encrypted.

  8. Non-convergent crypto

    Most current cloud storage providers - even those who claim client-side encryption - use so-called deduplication to save storage space. Their servers check data before upload and compare it to what’s already there.

data storage

working with your data

When our EAs, CPAs and their support teams are working with your confidential information all the work that is conducted is done within the industry leading security software.

We use CCH by  

Military grade encryption

For complete peace of mind CCH uses the highest available, military grade 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. On top of this we apply the same security protocols as internet banks to give the visible reassurance of an https website address and familiar closed padlock icon.

User logons, audit trails and secure storage help protect practice and client information.

Central storage

Secure centralised storage is inherently safer than having confidential client files on vulnerable laptops. Computerised storage of documents makes disaster recovery plans easier to implement.

Secure logons

Administrators can control rights and define user access to features and files.

Audit and history

CCH Document Management maintains a full audit trail of all stored files and a history of any changes.

Document locking

Documents that have been checked out can be viewed but not changed, preventing potentially conflicting edits.

e-filing to the IRS

from us to the IRS

Once your tax return is ready to be filed your complete tax return is transported securely between CCH and the IRS.

The connection between CCH and the IRS is completely encrypted from beginning to end.


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